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Tellman's List Crusade - October 6th Teleseminar.

Russell Brunson:
Automated Postcard List-Building.

Are you suffering from information overload? Fast-changing and constantly evolving technologies? A lack of direction and focus? Well, fear not. On October 6th, Tellman Knudson and special guest Russell Brunson introduced listeners to a marketing option that bridges the online/offline divide.

Postcard marketing is a distinct form of direct response marketing. Generations of entrepreneurs, retailers, and others have used this tried and true method to generate additional revenue streams. Now, Mr. Brunson (Affiliate Land Mines, LinkBrander) has combined his online expertise and direct mail interest to create a unique, dare we say "MLM-style" business opportunity.

Skepticism is Healthy and to be Encouraged.

As an MLM skeptic, Knudson recounted his own negative MLM experiences and gave voice to common concerns: Even if the MLM model is legitimate, it has an awful reputation because most people are motivated (corrupted?) by greed and do not care about offering great products and outstanding service. Besides, buying and/or renting large mailing lists is beyond the means of most home-based entrepreneurs ($1-2 per envelope for testing alone). However, using the Internet and autoresponders, business owners can now judge direct mail's appropriateness cheaply and efficiently.

Leveraging Network Marketing
with Direct Mail...

I know what you're thinking, "Are you asking us to stuff envelopes and lick stamps all day?" Well, not exactly. According to Brunson, now is the time to merge the simplicity of offline marketing with powerful online technology. The "system" will be driven by "real mail" autoresponder messages.

In short, Russell proposes an automated postcard mailing system that works in parallel with your existing e-mail campaigns to generate residual income. However, u
nlike envelopes and even e-mail, prospects will actually see your postcards - even if they eventually throw them out. By personalizing your postcard system, you will create a tool that generates leads, subscribers, and hopefully active buyers.

and List Building...

From a list-building perspective, automated postcarding gives you several ways to accelerate affiliate marketing results. Tellman's suggestions included:

1. Placing images and a sharp message on postcards to generate high response and call-back rates.

2. Use a service like SRDS Media Solutions to create a (offline) direct mail campaign. Then, automate and sequence your postcards to drive traffic to your website. Get prospects to opt-in to your list by offering an e-book (e-mail list) or a CD (physical address).

3. Work with existing affiliate programs, but distinguish yourself by running a direct mail campaign on their behalf. Cover all the costs (e.g. postcards, driving traffic, tracking, etc.) in exchange for half the generated revenue.

4. Add time-limited discount codes to your postcards for in-demand products.

5. Exchange business cards at seminars. People who spend $2-5k to attend events are proven buyers and your best prospects. So, shortly after initial contact, send them a "Thank you" postcard that drives them to your website to learn more about you.

Each of the above scenarios can be leveraged to your advantage by an automated system with the human touch. By simply uploading your current database (list), you can contact subscribers with personal handwritten messages. This is not spam, even though prospects have not explicitly demanded the postcard.

Tellman's 15-minute interactive session revealed significant interest in the auto-postcard marketing concept, with many listeners admitting to using offline methods already. Among other suggestions given out for postcard use:

- Download links for software products.
- Market Research, Statistics on postcards.
- Promote teleseminars
- Promote the postcard service itself as a stand-alone business
- List matching and list streamlining to improve responsiveness.
- Australian Rules Football???


In his 4+ years online, Russell Brunson has shown an uncanny ability to be just a little ahead of the curve. He has become a marketing force to reckon with by presenting a wide variety of quality marketing options to his subscribers. Automated postcard marketing combines the best of the online and offline worlds, and proves that you do not have to reinvent the wheel to be successful. Just exploit what is already out there...

The basic postcard promotion can be viewed at

To learn more about Russell Brunson's postcard autoresponder offer, please visit Note that the first 49 signups were offered a special training by Tellman and Russell that may no longer be available.

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