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"15k in 7 Days" Coaching Call - August 16, 2007 Teleseminar.

Building Success with Lisa Diane's 6M Method.

After completing the List Profit Academy series last fall, Brian T. Edmondson has continued to grow his Internet Marketing business with affiliate marketing, high-end joint ventures, and live event opportunities. In June 2007, he opened his "15k in 7 Days" coaching program to the public, which includes a teleseminar learning component that anyone can access.

Building on the List Profit Academy tradition, Brian presented one of the most recognizable and widely respected Internet entrepreneurs today. Lisa Diane has overcome business failure, bankruptcy, and crippling debt to achieve personal independence. Her success began offline in direct mail marketing. A "kitchen table" business, in Diane's words, that generated 650k in a six-month period. Today, her numerous companies produce 6-7 figures annually. Lately, she has begun to share her winning strategies with receptive clients and audiences.

What's the Real Source of Success?

While most of us learn from past mistakes, Lisa Diane notes that too many people remain conditioned by fears that prevent real personal, financial, and spiritual breakthroughs. In Lisa's words, we don't see things as they are - we see things as we are. Often, this world view traps us into a boring, mundane existence.

So, before diving into her core presentation, Diane gave us her number one Power Secret:

"Your Thoughts Create Your Life."

In other words, stop being a victim. The government, your employer, your immediate boss, and even your family circumstances do not control you. That being said, it's your responsibility to take action to create the personal and financial freedom you deserve.

Deciphering the 6M Method.

Together with her business partner Bonnie Hazlett, Lisa Diane described a simple yet powerful list of best practices that allows her to share her passion for wealth creation with common everyday people. The 6M Method is their contribution to the myriad of self-help ideas proliferating online today.

The first and most important "M", since Lisa claims that it is responsible for ninety-percent of her success is:

Developing a Million-Dollar Mindset.

Critical to acquiring this mindset is breaking out of the J-O-B, "time-for-money" mentality that the majority of human beings have today. However, even those who are supposedly looking for more out of life have poor attitudes and a "slot machine" business mentality that aimlessly searches for clouds with a silver lining. If you believe the answer is "out there", then you are guaranteed to miss ninety percent of the solution. Why? Because your mindset comes down to what is within YOU.

The Second "M": Market.

Lisa Diane righted her ship in the late 1990s through offline, direct response marketing. Now as the Internet's full commercial potential is being unleashed, she believes that online marketing is the "New Frontier" that even pure computing novices can exploit. Diane calls it "Direct Mail on Steroids".

However, you need a market. So, what should you choose?

You could spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a franchise, but why sacrifice so much capital and labor to essentially follow orders from another corporate master? Inventing your own products can be intellectually fulfilling, but if you do not have a clearly defined target market of hungry buyers, none of your hard work will translate into dollars. Lisa used the restaurant analogy to bring her points home to the audience when asking:

If you were going to open up a restaurant today, what is the one thing that would guarantee your success?

Hint: It's not:

- The best food
- The best service
- The best decor
- The best ambiance
- Not even the best location!

Answer: A "starving" crowd.

Do research to select a niche market with thousands of "hot" buyers who do not need to be sold. Is it your destiny to slave away '9 to 5' for forty years to build someone else's fortune? If not, then Lisa Diane urgently advises us to find out what people want - not need - and give it to them.

The Third "M": A Must-have Product or Service.

At some point, budding online entrepreneurs will need to offer something of value to customers to earn income. While many people choose to simply transfer their "brick and mortar" offerings online, Diane favors the area that has generated millions of dollars for her and others: Information Products. Both digital and physical information products have a high profit margin and give beginners a chance to overdeliver on value and establish their reputations quickly.

Lisa suggests that the true novice first turn to affiliate marketing, since there is an abundance of proven digital products available with generous sales commissions to be earned. After getting comfortable with affiliate marketing, get into the habit of financing your business with earned profits. It will allow you to avoid dipping into your life savings, drawing on a line of credit, or borrowing from others (bank, lending agencies, etc.) and risking bankruptcy.

The Fourth "M": The Method used to Build your Business.

Ten percent of your success consists of the methods (i.e. tactics, processes, strategies, systems) used to generate business wealth. While individuals have different strengths and weaknesses, nobody has to suffer to succeed. A few simple steps based on your interests can lead to abundance. Lisa Diane proposes that new entrepreneurs learn and put into practice the Power of Leverage, i.e., getting paid multiple times for work done once. Strive for autopilot, not linear (i.e. "time for money") income! It's the only path to real freedom...

The Fifth "M": The Message.

Learn how to communicate with your target audience. Copywriting is arguably the most precious Internet Marketing skill today, so take the time to learn the tactics and techniques that earn the best conversion specialists tens of thousands of dollars per project. You wouldn't want to spend that much money to hire an ad copy specialist right now anyway...

Would you?

The Sixth "M": Your Master Action Plan (MAP).

Putting it all together requires a plan that will keep you focussed like a laser beam on your Internet business goals. Avoid information overload by mastering a core group of individual marketing skills while you advance from startup into the growth phase of your online activity. The MAP will help you decide whether new products appearing on the scene can really help you or not.

There are literally hundreds of reputable coaching programs, home study courses, e-books, and teleseminar series that are competing for your marketing dollars and attention. Measure their appropriateness against your personal list of necessary and essential buying criteria.

e.g. Distinguish between courses that teach specific marketing techniques (e.g traffic generation) and those that give you the big picture.


1. Million-Dollar Mindset.
2. Market.
3. Must-have Product or Service.
4. Method to Build your Business.
5. Message.
6. Master Action Plan.

Do the 6Ms make sense, and can it work for those who attended the teleseminar and others looking for more in life? Based on Lisa Diane's own premises and life experience, it will come down to how well they exercise and maximize the gray matter between their ears.

Rahul Majumdar is a full-time information marketer specializing in teleseminar reporting, article marketing, and information product creation.

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