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June 10th "Seminars with the Experts" Call.

SaRita Hartin - Shy Marketing Techniques to Explode your Business.

Who said shyness disqualifies people from having a thriving business career? Author, business coach, and trainer SaRita Hartin overcame extreme shyness and damaged self-esteem early in life to achieve her dreams. By focusing her time and effort on core skill development, Hartin has forged a career that includes extensive military and corporate computer systems experience, as well as her own self-improvement company (since 2004). She offered her Internet marketing insights recently on "Seminars with the Experts".

Product versus Affiliate Marketing.

SaRita Hartin recommends affiliate marketing for online novices, because it's their best chance to earn a few bucks and gain confidence as they learn marketing - the only guarantor of long-term success. It is far more cost effective than product creation; customer service and fulfillment issues are not your responsibility.

To fully benefit from affiliate marketing, Hartin suggests that you incorporate list building into your internet mix right away. Use short landing pages that offer free reports in exchange for a prospect's name and valid email address. Place your opt-in page containing the 'ethical' bribe before the affiliate sales page (i.e. offer). Ethical bribes are a tried and true tactic for gaining new subscribers. Once prospects have agreed to give you a chance, ask them about their concerns and do your best to solve their problems.

Overcoming the Ghost in You.

Hartin said that the biggest stumbling blocks for aspiring business people are:

1. Lack of self-confidence.
2. Fear of the Unknown.

She advises "shy" people to find a successful marketer who is willing to mentor them in the type of activity they wish to pursue. Becoming part of a mastermind or mentoring group can also accelerate your business and personal development. Getting on marketers' mailing lists is another way of using other people's experiences to save money and avoid mistakes.

The best way to overcome personal inertia is to:


For example, putting up your first opt-in web page can go a long way towards breaking the 'Internet ice'. SaRita places great value in celebrating small victories, so make sure to acknowledge every small (but significant) step towards your ultimate goals.

The Perils of Outsourcing.

While cognizant of its benefits, SaRita Hartin advises newbies to tread carefully when it comes to outsourcing. Although many credible online outsourcing companies exist, beginners are susceptible to being taken advantage of. In fact, Hartin recommends that you approach a university or community college to get basic technical work done. By all means, set a strict spending limit (e.g. fifty dollars for an opt-in page).

Effective copywriting and e-book creation are specialized skills coveted by newbies and veteran marketers alike. Not everyone has the talent and patience to do it on their own. So, if you decide to outsource, make sure the Terms of Agreement are clear and precise (e.g. click-through rate requirements). To lower bid rates for your outsourcing projects, SaRita shares a phrase picked up from a noted marketer :

"This is a very simple project for an experienced [S/W developer, writer, etc.]."

Use it to attract contractors, then perform your due diligence.

SaRita Hartin Loves Private Label Rights!

Hartin believes that Master Resale Rights and Private Label Rights (PLR) products should be an integral part of any internet marketing mix. For the uninitiated, SaRita provided a quick definition/example of the concepts:

- Resale Rights: As a convenience store owner, the license to sell Coca-Cola.
- PLR: As a convenience store owner, the license to sell a private label cola made by someone else (e.g. Coca-Cola) under a name of your choice (e.g. Me-Coke).

PLR holds great promise in particular, because material can be modified and updated to suit your specific needs. For example, you can take pieces from ten e-books, update the material, rebrand the links, and instantly create a new e-book in your name!

A Note on Attending Seminars and Events.

Hartin suggests that the usefulness of live events depends on:

1. The organizers' reputation.
2. Your attitude heading into the event.

Good seminars provide information that you've never heard before, and don't bombard you with backroom selling. When you decide to attend a live presentation, one of your goals should be to make X number of contacts, and follow up with each person the day after the event ends. You should send cards, notes, and e-mails that flatter your new contacts!

Make sure you prepare for each event thoroughly, especially the multi-day extravaganzas. Otherwise, you will be overwhelmed, get frustrated, and lose value for your time and money. Live events are excellent opportunities to meet like-minded people, so consider how to help them out through possible joint ventures. As for the "Gurus", don't be intimidated. If you have previously purchased products or services from them, consider "buying your way" into the inner circle by announcing yourself as a paying customer.


SaRita Hartin has turned a personality flaw - shyness - into a strength. It is no wonder why 'Seminars with the Experts' host Hilary Stewardson chose Hartin to be her coach. Even if you forgo formal 'shyness' coaching, Internet marketing remains well-suited for those who lack traditional sales skills and an outgoing personality. Article marketing and Pay-per-click (PPC) are but two powerful forms of traffic generation that work quite well for shy people. So, roll up your sleeves and take the next step.

Rahul Majumdar is a full-time information marketer specializing in teleseminar reporting, article marketing, and information product creation.

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