Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Special Barack Obama e-book Launch Announcement!

The Obama Victory: Why Election 2008 Turned Out the Way it Did.

Hi everyone,

I'm very excited that my first blog entry of 2009 announces the release of my second e-book:

Barack Obama: From Obscurity to the Presidency.

The epic 2008 U.S. Presidential cycle has brought about a monumental shift in American politics. Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., a little-known state senator from Illinois just four years ago is now the forty-fourth President of the United States. The grandeur and splendor of Inauguration Day, with its multitude of life-defining events confirm the transformational nature of Obama's electoral victory. Up to two million people filled Washington's National Mall to witness his first hours as President. Perhaps two billion around the world saw at least part of the January 20th festivities.

Barack Obama's victory is clearly a watershed for African-Americans, fulfilling and vindicating the work of Martin Luther King, Jr. and countless others in the civil rights struggle. Yet, Obama's entry into the White House transcends race and perhaps... perhaps signals the start of a new style and practice of politics.

What do you think?

Barack Obama: From Obscurity to the Presidency. is my take on the results of Election 2008. It analyzes the key reasons for Obama's victory over Senator John McCain:
  • Dominance in the battleground states.
  • Exploiting America's seismic demographic shifts.
  • Offering change and hope to a weary electorate.
  • Unleashing the power of Internet technology (and list-building) to raise funds and build a broad, grassroots movement.
The book on the Obama-Biden Administration is just beginning to be written. For now, I invite you to read my book:

to gain perspective as to how (and why) Election 2008 turned out the way it did.

You won't regret it!

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