Friday, May 08, 2009

May 8th - "Autoresponders in your World" Series, Part 2.

Autoresponders and List-Building: The Batman and Robin of E-mail Marketing.

Where do autoresponders rank in your Internet Marketing arsenal? Amongst all your online tools, they are arguably the most important after your active, targeted and motivated opt-in lists. However, doesn’t list-building begin with autoresponders? How else can you build a list of names and e-mail addresses and conduct e-mail marketing campaigns?

Incentive-based List-Building – Exchanging Freebies for New Subscribers.

Although giving things away in exchange for contact information is often “pooh-poohed” by self-styled Internet experts, it remains the fastest and easiest list-building strategy. Until you possess a large (10,000+) and/or responsive list of buyers to market to on a regular basis, offering free reports, e-books, free website memberships etc. is a tried and true method to follow. Take advantage of no-cost and low cost advertising methods to promote in the beginning.
The time and money invested will pay off in the long run.

Your objective is simple: entice people to sign up on your list to receive a valuable “freebie”, then obtain permission to contact them via email in the future. Both parties come out as winners, because: - The new subscriber receives useful information or access to a website that enhances their online experience and knowledge. - The email marketer gets vital contact information, along with permission to send messages to them as long as they subscribe to his newsletter.

Going Beyond Passive List-Building.

With a little work, anyone can build a big list by offering free stuff, but can they build a truly responsive list? Successful list-building must be a viral activity; use your freebies to promote you (“Me Inc.”) as a legitimate brand. For example, why not introduce yourself and your expertise in your giveaway? This will help break down barriers between you and your subscribers so that when you send future emails, you can promote your products or services successfully.

Including affiliate links for products or services related to your freebie’s theme (list-building, pay-per-click advertising, SEO, etc.) is a great way to generate extra revenue. One caveat, though – make sure your emails include relevant information. Otherwise, you will lose subscribers from your autoresponder mailing list at an alarming rate!


Autoresponders build contact lists that will become your main source of income, so take care with the impression you want to convey to readers. Use freebies judiciously to attract like-minded people, then prove yourself to them with ‘thank you’ emails and relevant one-time offers (OTO) after they request your free offer. By automating the entire process with autoresponders, the goal of multiple income streams can become reality.

Rahul Majumdar is the author of two recent e-books, including Barack Obama: From Obscurity to the Presidency.

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