Monday, July 13, 2009

July 13th "Autoresponders in Your World" Series, Part 11.

How Autoresponders can Pre-sell (and Sell) Your Latest E-book.

How do autoresponders help you generate “buzz” and attract customers for your upcoming product launch? Apart from its recognized list-building role, autoresponders play a big part in most successful marketing campaigns, especially at the start. Given that you have invested time and money to attract website visitors and list subscribers, why not promote your product right away? Create anticipation for the launch by telling people how its benefits will solve their problem(s).

Autoresponders are particularly effective when it comes to launching e-books. Instead of just talking about it to subscribers, consider offering a full e-book preview autoresponder. Even though you want to earn income from your hard work, allowing a select group of people to see your product in advance can result in positive feedback, even suggestions for improvements that you did not consider before. Look at reviews for the big Hollywood blockbusters. Why do you think mass media critics get a “sneak peek” before the rest of us? Simple – the studios know that it’s the best way to create buzz and add – not subtract – from their bottom line.

Besides, who could say ‘No’ to free advertising?

If you are adamant about not revealing all at once, consider offering a “leaked” chapter or two in the autoresponder. Set up a landing page with a form that allows visitors to enter contact information in exchange for the e-book preview. This “ethical” bribe is completely acceptable: you build your list of potential customers; the prospects read your chapter for free. Every few days up to release, remind subscribers about your launch date and the great reasons for getting this product. Maintain your marketing momentum!

Another tactic you may wish to consider is the pre-lease e-book option. Once your launch date is set, consider offering preview subscribers your product a few days earlier. You are not obliged to discount your price for them; however you may give them a ‘Thank You’ gift for coming on board so early and sticking with you until the end.

Pay attention to your autoresponder retention rate; i.e, the percentage of people who accepted your e-book preview invitation and remain on your list. You willingly gave them an ‘unsubscribe’ link with every e-mail, yet they continue to accept your information. Sure, some may have forgotten about you, but the rest are legitimate prospects. These are the laser-targeted folks who are showing interest in your e-book and are likely to purchase once you give them the green light. The best autoresponder messages render fancy salesletters redundant – another advantage for marketers on a tight budget.

Autoresponders are a marketer’s best friend, because they can help you determine whether or not demand exists for your e-book. By using readily accessible autoresponder tactics and techniques, you can get answers fast. If results of your pre-launch preview autoresponder are negative, learn your lessons and move on to your next product idea. Otherwise, show subscribers how excited YOU are about your upcoming e-book launch, and then feed your hungry, pre-sold prospects everything that they have been waiting for!

Rahul Majumdar is an Information Marketer specializing in article marketing, list-building, and digital product creation. Sign up for more of his insights here.

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