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Eric Rockefeller's Rock Star Approach to Affiliate Marketing.

Party like a rock star, party like a rock star...

Online "Rock Star" Eric Rockefeller is an affiliate marketing aficionado who also creates his own "How to" products. If Internet Marketing is about living the life of your dreams, then Rockefeller's dreams came true in 2006 when he successfully launched his debut, interview-based list-building home study course.

Early product creation success has led Rockefeller to other projects with his JV contacts. Indeed, Eric has created several new products in the past two years - mostly related to the affiliate marketing niche. His Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising expertise allows him to earn steady affiliate income and to grow his subscriber base.

Making Every Moment Count.

Starting out, Rockefeller took a dual approach to affiliate marketing:

1. Seeking out personal coaches whose teachings he could relate to.
2. Purchasing select marketing materials.

By presenting himself to top marketers at numerous seminars and live events, Eric was able to earn their respect and friendship. Not surprisingly, he recommends that newcomers step out of their comfort zone and raves about the positive energy generated by going out on the road to network.

Implementing Your Affiliate Strategy.

How do you decide what affiliate products to promote? Check out the competition in your chosen niche and run some small PPC tests on products with similar themes. Track your keyword research results; use one keyword per landing page to make results tracking and interpretation easier.

After deciding on your affiliations, optimize each component of your sales path. You may create a product review page that redirects to the affiliate page afterwards. Alternatively, to ensure that your visitors do not "disappear", add an opt-in page with an "ethical" bribe to grow your subscriber list. If prospects do not purchase right away, getting their name and e-mail address ensures that you can at least follow-up at a later date.

Don't Forget About Building Relationships.

Eric Rockefeller is a PPC devotee, which explains why he went against the grain to establish his online presence, i.e., creating a product before building a list. However, he concedes that the key to earning repeat affiliate commissions for most lies with relationship-based e-mail marketing. PPC is expensive, so why not hold onto the customers you already have? That is why he still writes his own sales copy and important list broadcasts, even though he outsources other non-core activities. Rockefeller does very little with other traffic strategies, and maintains healthy skepticism about emerging technologies. He does however see monetization potential with blogging using Web 2.0 techniques.

Joint ventures (JVs) and cross-promotion are excellent for expanding your reach in cyberspace and the real world. However, marketers must balance the desire to create mutually beneficial partnerships (friendships) with sound business decisions. Remember - your reputation is on the line!

Eric recommends a sales funnel for beginners in the Business Opportunities (BizOpp) niche:

A. Low-cost, high quality digital products (e.g. e-books, software widgets).
B. Physical products (books, DVDs).
C. Home study courses.
D. Coaching programs as you develop your expertise.
E. Membership sites, paid weekly or monthly newsletters.


If you have followed Eric Rockefeller for any length of time, you know that his "Rock Star" image is just that. In reality, he is a regular guy who worked smart to achieve huge initial success, then scaled his business model using marketing strategies that he was comfortable with. Simple tactics like placing products on trusted and reliable websites like Clickbank increase exposure and can encourage repeat business. So, instead of daydreaming and feeling overwhelmed on your Internet journey, learn by taking massive action.

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