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July 18th "Seminars with the Experts" Call.

Reed Floren - Giveaway and Joint Ventures Expertise Personified.

(N.B. Technical problems denied Hilary Stewardson's listeners her original interview with Reed Floren. However, they came back three days later with this power-packed session.)

At the tender age of 23, Reed Floren is enjoying "semi-retirement". Really! After grabbing media attention as a teenage prodigy, Floren has translated alliances with joint venture (JV) partners into super affiliate status. So much so, that he now devotes most of his time to helping his family and others establish themselves in the Internet Marketing niche.

Floren owes much of his success and online reputation to giveaway marketing techniques. In short, giveaways are online events in which:

1. Organizers set up a process for accepting products from donors; in exchange, they run a website from which visitors (i.e. potential list subscribers) can download items of interest.

2. Donors ideally offer their own products, as opposed to affiliate products or PLR, because their credibility and that of the organizers are on the line.

3. Visitors have an opportunity to download products from the giveaway site, in exchange for their name and valid e-mail address.

4. Some giveaways have promotion and list ownership requirements.

Running a successful giveaway promotion should be a 'WIN-WIN-WIN' situation for everyone involved:

- Organizers often grow their lists by hundreds, if not thousands of subscribers and have the opportunity to sell One-time Offers (OTO).

- Marketers of all abilities gain access to top-notch products for free, and if they so choose, grow their own lists by donating products.

Why You Should Consider Giveaways.

What inspired Floren to become an online giveaway marketing expert? Maybe it came down to a simple process of elimination. He was apprehensive of social networking and forums, given the amount of spamming that occurs on established sites. Blogging, in spite of its mainstream acceptance, has yet to fulfill its monetization potential. Hence, Floren focussed his relationship building and joint venture skills where they would have the most impact. As a result, he has grown several lists, and become a highly sought after JV partner.

Becoming the Best Marketer You Can Be.

It's extremely difficult to make significant online income on your own. Thousands of "solopreneurs" are working to create sustainable wealth in various niches, but few really succeed. Yet, aren't all those "gurus" doing it on their own? Well, not really. Remember that they have the resources to employ people to carry out various tasks, or outsource to a prized list of reliable suppliers. So what's a newbie to do? Simple:
Create value for other marketers!
By networking and creating valuable industry contacts, you will be in position to prove your worth to serious people who also want thriving businesses. Plus, they will be more likely to look at and promote your offerings once you are ready.

Creating a Well-rounded Marketing Attack Plan.

An integrated business approach has many benefits, so in addition to Reed's giveaway marketing path, consider the following:

- Seminars and live events are buzzing hives of activity where brainstorming and informal discussions often lead to deals and new alliances. There you will find a cross-section of focussed marketers: up and coming folks looking for a breakthrough, and established marketers scouting for the next big star.

- Many experts claim that any aspect of your business can be outsourced, save for the absolute core of your business intelligence and planning. Still, Reed pooh-poohs the concept of "turnkey businesses". It's much better to master the basics first and try things out on your own. Then, you will be in better position to delegate tasks and negotiate with suppliers.

The Social Aspects of JV Recruitment.

Reed Floren has earned industry acclaim as a JV broker, i.e. a person who introduces marketers to other marketers for mutual benefit. If you are confident and have overcome your fears and shyness, then finding a reputable broker may be what you are looking for. Just don't appear desperate, needy, or clingy. Find a match business-wise, and develop your relationship:

"People like to Reciprocate with Those Who Have Helped Them in the Past."


Reed Floren has mastered the art of the deal by exploiting the giveaway concept like nobody else on the Internet. He advises the rest of us to become idea generators, then use automated processes to bring them to market. How do you get ideas? Read books, follow the competition, especially market leaders already doing what you want to do. Always look for ways to expand your knowledge first, then apply it to help others (don't be too consumed with money). Find a model that works for you, duplicate it, then sell it to the hungry masses.

Rahul Majumdar is co-author of The Best of List Profit Academy with Brian Edmondson. To claim privileged insider information about it's impending launch, click here.

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