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July 23, 2008 'Seminars with the Experts' Call.

Lisa Preston: Figuring out Web 2.0 and the New Social Media.

Veteran marketer Lisa Preston was not satisfied with fleeting corporate success. So, she pursued financial independence on the Internet. Through great sacrifice and a passion for learning, Lisa established her online credentials one step at a time. Now, after breaking through as a topnotch graphics designer, Preston is on course to become a popular mentor, coach, and business development strategist.

These days, Lisa is excited about the potential of social networking, i.e. Web 2.0. Too often, surfers are confused about the World Wide Web's (WWW) evolution so Lisa offers a quick thumbnail sketch:

Web 1.0 : Static web pages; passive consumption of information presented by a centralized authority (e.g. Encyclopedia Britannica website).

Web 2.0 : Dynamic web pages, characterized by user contributions and collaboration ( "digital" democracy). Examples include Wikipedia and YouTube.

In addition, Lisa is optimistic about the technological and profit-making potential of Web 3.0, which promises to introduce advanced media options like cloud computing, wireless (mobile) communications, and customized applications very soon. She is particularly upbeat about Web 3.0-enhanced membership sites.

Social Networking Strategies for Beginners.

Web 2.0 offers people the ability to connect with people around the world by offering their unique perspectives. However, online social networking remains a very time-consuming activity, so don't sign up for every "new" forum or social site that magically appears. Preston advises newbies to concentrate on 1-2 networks for thirty minutes daily. That way, you are establishing your credentials within an informed, motivated, and like-minded community.

Ideally, your networks can be integrated to create "2 for 1" synergies. For example, internet marketers can link Facebook and Twitter, so that one message can be simultaneously broadcast to both high ranking sites.

In general, Lisa Preston recommends the use of automated social networking tools; i.e. software that can be used to track network alerts, etc. and speed up relationship building. Above all, she asks surfers to acquaint themselves with people who have similar goals, and have fun.

Don't Ignore the Real World!

Finding business-oriented websites can accelerate your growth and offer valuable insights. However, Preston reminds marketers not to ignore offline networking opportunities. Consider local "face-to-face" gatherings and mastermind groups in your county/region. You are still searching for business contacts, but you want people who make you feel wanted and who will treat you as a friend.

An ideal network understands your needs unconditionally, so avoid family and friends who may not appreciate the growing pains of a start-up. Find a mentor - the right mentor - someone who can share real-world experiences and guide you along a focused path. Above all, avoid desperate people who are perennial "tire-kickers" and waste time out of sheer laziness.

Simply Advice that Works Wonders.

Lisa Preston believes that the key to steady online income, contrary to conventional thinking, is not affiliate marketing nor product creation expertise. At least not in the beginning. People should first develop basic skills (web design, HTML, ftp) and familiarize themselves with the making money online process. Then, become an expert in one of the "Pillars" of successful Internet Marketing: Copywriting, Traffic Generation or List Building. In Lisa's own words, your contact list is gold!

Preston believes in merit and fair play, refusing to support particular products solely on the basis of a marketer's reputation. She is curious enough to seek out new talent via social networking, including unknowns who are brilliant in a particular niche or possess highly sought after skills.


Lisa Preston has an impressive client list that includes major corporations and solopreneurs alike. She has parlayed a love for graphics design - still a vital part her business - into a system that focuses on joint venture marketing and social networking to find new and exciting projects. Her core advice: Take it slow and start small. No silliness; be professional and grow your network one friend at a time.

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